Decorative Paddles by John Doherty

For sale here at Ganaraska Art & Framing


My paddles are made by John Bell owner of The Red Tail Paddle Company in Campbellford, Ontario. Each paddle is hand crafted by John from a single length of wood. I use hard Maple wood, the light color of the wood compliments the artwork. However I have sometimes used darker woods such as cherry and effect is very different but no less interesting. The paddles that I usually use are carved in the traditional High Backed Otter Tail design as this shape allows me a large surface area on which to work but I have also worked on other forms such as the Stern and the Beaver Tail paddle each of which has its own distinctive characteristics. John also makes kayak paddles for me made from three laminated lengths of maple but, unlike the canoe paddles, these are purely decorative wall pieces. The handles of my kayak paddles are fully decorated and the words that have inspired the image are written on the reverse of the blade. The paddles are available in three sizes, 60”, 48” and 24”.